21 June 2013

Super cute

Pumpkin you are right it is super cute!! I finished the little hat, with enough yarn to knit a pair of mitts and hopefully some little shoes too.  The pattern is Bonnet & Booties from Natural Nursery by Erika Knight.  The mitts are made up, and for the shoes I plan to make my go to pattern Saartje's Bootees.  That will be the 3 items from one 50g ball to Regia Design Line, bit of a bargain if you ask me.

Edited 22 June to add some more photos - there is still yarn left over!!

Now on to something non knitting related.  One of our annual visitors is back.  This blackbird is so brazen, just pops in for a meal when she feels like it.  Peter snapped her this morning

She even bought one of her offspring in the other afternoon.  She has had one or two close calls with Audrey, but she is too fat and slow at the moment, but watch out bird, she is on a diet!

And because its Friday......... more prettiness from the garden

Plans for the weekend?  I will be decorating, our downstairs cloakroom needs a lick of paint and I plan to refurb the pine fittings, which have gone that yucky orange colour with time.  I will post my progress over the weekend.  Have fun


  1. Cheeky little bird lol. Love your knitting:)

  2. Pretty knitting, love your pictures!:)

  3. I love this gorgeous hat and a bonus you got to make mittens too, it's beautiful yarn. Great photo of the cheeky bird. Deb x

  4. Your flowers are beautiful and that bird cracks me up. It just flies right in?

  5. what a gorgeous baby hat, a bargain, AND beautiful!

  6. Super duper cute!
    And those garden photos...ah, so pretty.

  7. Delightful, thanks for sharing. (I'll be spending the weekend painting too, so I'll keep you in mind!)

  8. Oh those little baby items are adorable in that yarn. And if you get'em all from one skein, that's a super bargain! Your Nannyberry bush is blossoming to beat the band - puts mine to shame!

  9. Pretty garden shots :)
    I LOVE the wee mitts. They are just adorable!

  10. More garden photos! I think these are definitely some of my absolute favorites so far.

  11. The hat is gorgeous! You have taken beautiful photos of flowers. We also have a few Olive Thrushes that pop in to eat the dog food, brave little characters.

  12. Apart from your description of "super cute", just one word: beautiful. That Regia yarn certainly is a bargain if you can make all three items and still have some left over.

    You are blessed to have a blackbird and babe visit you. We have many but they stay in the garden, but then we don't have pets any more so no leftover food to tempt the birds inside.

    Just love the red rose, and the foxglove of course. :-)


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