24 July 2013

So what?

Not much action on the knitting front this week.  I finished the hat  but have only managed around 20 rows on the carseat cover and about 6 inches on the long top .  It really has been too hot to knit and also having had the boys here all weekend you don’t get a lot else done other than play

I would like to add my good wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and thank them for giving us, here in Cambridge, a Prince after 190 years.  We will look forward to seeing something of him locally, if we are lucky!

Whilst on the subject of the new royal baby, can we please give them a break?

So what, if they kept the media waiting for a glimpse, it was your choice to be there and they didn't actually have too.

So what, if they've not decided on a name. 

So what, if she looked stunning, she does anyway, but let’s face it, would you face the world’s media looking anything but lovely. 

Whatever they choose to buy will be the best they can afford.  Don’t we all buy the best we can afford?

And of course that baby weight!  Yes, those of us that are Mum’s know that some people can shed it easily and others who don’t.  Whichever category Kate falls into she won’t be right bless her.

So come on people, they are a young couple with a new baby; royal or not, its hard work no matter how much help you have.

Congratulations go to the Middleton family too.  I hope that they enjoy being grandparents as much as we do.  What more can a grandparent want than to read this excerpt from my daughter’s blog

"He speaks beautifully when he takes the time and can melt your heart with some of the adorable things he says. "Mummy I really do love you", "Mummy I miss you when you go away" and "Mummy when I have to get married I'm going my marry Granny."


  1. I love this post, Sue. I hope the media can step aside and leave them alone, but sadly I doubt that will happen. I love the excerpt from your daughter's blog, especially the part where when he has to get married he is going to marry his granny! Ha!

  2. Your grandson is about a month older than my daughter. I love reading about the royal family, but I saw something this morning criticizing the way their baby was put in his car seat. I'm thinking, "Given them a break. They're new parents and probably sleep deprived."

  3. New follower via gfc from WIP. Would love to have you stop by and check out my page. http://unravelingends.blogspot.com/

  4. I too am fed up with the media and their overkill on this event. Leave the parents be, go find a hole and please dig in. But then again, I am sick to death of all the cable news and regular news. Love the post by your daughter.


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