25 September 2013

How long should a scarf be?

that's the question I have asked myself.  I am knitting a scarf for Rufus, he's 3, just how long do you make it? His Mummy says it just needs to go round his neck and have enough hanging each side!  The web says the same length and they are high.  I'm at the 40" stage and think that maybe I will go with 48" plus fringing each end.

I have cast on 29 stitches and have 3 knit stitches each side, but its still rolling in and I think its too wide, so plan to sew it together making a double sided skinny scarf, nice and warm but not too bulky.

I am happy to say I finished the long top which has featured in WIP Wednesday for too long.  If you haven't seen it yet then go here for a peek

Lots of projects in the pipeline.  I plan to take Laurie's ten stitch to knitting group tomorrow and do some work on that.  Then cast on a couple of cardigan requests.

Thought I would share this lovely sunset from Sunday evening, you would think this would herald a sunny day on Monday, but no, we never saw the sun all day, just lots of grey clouds, pretty much like it is today.


  1. It looks great. My knitted scarves always roll too. No matter what I try to prevent that.

  2. Try out a garter stitch edge of about three stitches. And your scarf won't roll.

  3. I just love this 'snake' in the jolly colour combination and stripes. Agree that knitting that rolls can be a nuisance. As you say, garter stitch edging doesn't always work to make stocking stitch lie flat and sometimes (from experience) neither do other edgings or blocking. Happily the rolling here can be used to good advantage. Please publish a picture of Rufus wearing it.

    Beautiful sunset.


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