19 October 2013

Random thoughts and things - or not sure what title to give this!

Plan, I have no plan..... things change.  Today, I was supposed to get my eyes tested and we had based our day around that.  Now, one call, cancelling said test has changed that plan.  I see little point now for going into town. I really don't "do" shopping unless its for something I particularly want. I can see absolutely no point in just going in and out of shops for the sake of it.

It has just rained (again) so the garden is wet (again).  We do have wood to cut and stack and thats a possible job if we get no more rain.

Housework and washing done, so whats a girl to do....... get out the knitting

This is the progress on the dress.  Back complete and one sleeve started. It is a very quick knit and easy pattern.  I decided to get the sleeves done first so that when I have completed the front - the interesting bit - its more or less finished.  I hate when you are itching to see a finished garment that you still have the boring sleeves to knit.

and because I was awake and downstairs at 3:30am yesterday morning, I cast on a oddments cardigan, not the neatest of colour change along one edge but it beats darning in all those ends.

Its been an odd week, I got a bonus visit with the little boys on Tuesday as their Mummy had to go into work, and I have some holiday that needs using up. Here is a  few photos of them both, we have them next weekend so be prepared for a photo ladened post.

We have the youngest and her partner coming for dinner tomorrow as their house is upside down with major house renovations before the baby arrives.  Why do we do this? I can remember being pregnant and then deciding to do major house works, maybe its just easier than doing it with a baby in tow.  We spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday buying maternity clothes and looking at all the lovely baby things. You do have to ask though why they make it so hard to buy something when you haven't decided to find out what the gender of your baby is. White, beige, boring......

Best get on, I can here hubby chopping wood! I hope you have some exciting plans for your weekend.  Do share!

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  1. Loving the dress. Looks like it is working up fast.

    As for our weekend ...I'll be in touch.


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