20 November 2013

Those works in progress and holiday knitting

I take my knitting on holiday whenever I can, and a cold autumn afternoon tucked up in our holiday house was the perfect place to knit.  I took with me the cot blanket, and managed to work up all the colours and start the 2nd repeat.

I knitted a couple of hats for Laurie

Sublime Vintage Racing Helmet from #606

Just a beanie with a made up pattern

Then a pair of leggings for Baby R, they are a bit of a jigsaw, it will be interesting to see how all the bits go together, the pattern is from Sublime 606 - Vintage Utility Leggings.  I have a cute little cream and wine striped top from GAP to go with these.

I didn't take the Ten Stitch but thought you might like to see how its coming along

I managed a bit of reading too, I am reading the Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker - and just started book 2 Eye in the Door, these books are about the effects of World War I on soldiers and civilians, very graphic and unsettling in parts and obviously very well researched.  Not something I thought I would enjoy but am pleasantly surprised.  Very topical right now with the 100th anniversary.


  1. These projects are all lovely, but my favorites are the cot blanket and ten stitch. Great colors!

  2. Yes like Marie said these projects are lovely and I saw it at tami's amis! Julie at julieslifestyle.blogspot.com

  3. Busy lady. Those rainy days on holiday look like they were good to you at least for knitting and reading.

  4. Aw lovely hats :) The cot blanket is beautiful, I love bright colours for babies :)

  5. Love, Love, Love the baby blanket! Everything else too, really. You had a fun and productive vacation!


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