30 January 2014

Knitting - Navy Stripes

The navy cardigan is finished.  I am very happy with it.  I love this little pattern - Super Natural Stripes by Fawn Pea.  I have made several and it will definitely be my return too pattern.

I have now cast on a Vintage Matinee Jacket - pattern  from Love Knitting for Baby magazine.  It is a cute pattern with a pleat detail back and front. The yarn I'm using is some Patons Knit n Save from my stash, colourway rose pink

The rain continues, its cold, its miserable, nothing much left to do but knit. As they say every cloud has a sliver lining

29 January 2014

Knitting - Wednesday

Hello, Wednesday again, don't the weeks go fast?  Its been a productive week so far.  I have made progress on the navy cardigan, started on Monday afternoon.

I have blocked and backed a pram blanket that my daughter Rachel knitted for her baby due next month!!

Completed the white cardigan.  All pattern/yarn details are on this post

I plan to have the navy cardigan completed this evening, the sleeves shouldn't take too long.  Thats it on knitting front for the new baby until we know what we are having.

The next project for me will either be dolls clothes and blanket for my niece Lucy, or an outfit for baby Lily, her mummy said I have to surprise them with what I knit, anything and any colour so no pressure there! Fortunately I have lots of girly colours in my stash so a good chance to use some on both projects.

I hope everyone is well and keeping warm and/or dry. I long for some sunshine, the only upside of this weather is that I get to knit otherwise I would be out in the garden and believe me there is so much to do out there.  Oh well it always gets done eventually.

27 January 2014

Knitting - what else to do on a wet Sunday

Monday again, I'm not sure where the weekend went.  It was a busy and enjoyable one.  As previously mentioned I went out on Friday for shopping, dinner and the theatre.  We ended up at Jamies for dinner, always good.  The play was great too, very funny and well acted.  The only downside to the day was that we got soaked getting back to the car.

Saturday - Peter and I went to town to drop the in-laws at the theatre (their Christmas present too). We parked up and went and bought some new towels and pillows (exciting), whilst having a coffee a storm started we tried to hang on a bit but then decided we just had to get back to the car as we couldn't leave two oldies stranded outside the theatre in the rain/hail.  To say we got wet was an understatement, the water went through my skirt, tights, and boots, miserable.  Wet drive home, but then we all enjoyed a Burns Night supper.  I cast on a new project.....

Sunday - more rain, I continued to work on the new project and also whipped up a beanie for a colleague. We did manage a 40 minute walk in between storms, other than that it was a knitting day.  Peter did all the cooking

Pattern - Roll Up, Roll Up/Anderson (depending where you find the pattern) by Lisa Richardson
Yarn - Stylecraft Baby Double Knit

Pattern - Nipple Hat by Sheep Shop
Yarn - oddments from stash

Does this look like a butternut squash?  Someone on Facebook thought so!!

and then today because I didn't want to do the sewing up at Craft Group I cast on another project.

Pattern - Super Natural Stripes
Yarn - Hayfield Bonus Aran - with 20% wool

There you have it, check back later in the week to see the finished projects and to see what I cast on next

24 January 2014

Knitting - Meet Rosy Rabbit

If you follow WIP Wednesday then you will have seen this rabbit in pieces. All pattern/yarn details are on the WIP link.

 I actually thought when I looked at the photo later that it looked like a dissection class!!

Anyway she is now finished.  I am never really happy with the features, I can never get the mouth to look like the picture.  Wasn't sure if she looked a bit like Hitler!?  The eyes and nose are sticky backed velcro dots which saves a lot of agonising.  I decided against the fairisle pattern on the dress as it was getting lost (you can see what I mean on the bottom) in the multi coloured yarn, and it actually looks pretty enough without it.

I had best get cleared up and get on with some housework and jobs. Going out later to enjoy one of my Christmas presents - dinner and the theatre with Rachel, we are off to see Black Coffee at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge.

Have a great weekend.  I will be casting on another white cardigan, I pulled out the wrap over one from last week as wasn't keen on how it was knitting up.  Thats the great thing about knitting the yarn is never wasted.

22 January 2014

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

My work in progress this week is a rabbit. This pattern I have knitted before, see photo below.

Pattern - Rabbit, Baby Knits by Lois Daykin
Yarn - some DK I have in my stash, label long gone for the rabbit.  Regia Design Line for the dress

This is the one I knitted before.  Still much loved by Rufus
In case you missed my last finished project here is a photo and link

And finally, a touch of spring in the garden

20 January 2014

Knitting - Its a hoot

Whilst mooching around on Ravelry the other day I came across a link to some free patterns.  I posted them on Facebook and my daughter put in her request.  I knew she would!

The pattern she chose was the Owl Cushion by Amanda Berry
The yarn used was Rico Essential Cotton DK

This is my take on the cushion

15 January 2014

Knitting - Simply White

Sharing with you today another finished item

Yarn- is some white double knit from my stash, the label is long gone, but chances are its from King Cole
Buttons - I picked these up in our local charity shop for the princely price of 50p, I think they add something to this simple cardigan.

Yesterday afternoon Rachel and I went through all the baby items they have been given and made a final list of the things she still needed to get.  She definitely won't be needing any vests or baby gros for the foreseeable future!  I've a request for a couple more cardigans and other than that its just things like sheets and nappies, so they are nearly ready for this baby to come.

Last night I cast on another plain white cardigan, this one is a wrap over, There seems an awful lot of stitches at this point but I'll keep going. I have some more cute buttons, again from the charity shop.  I actually don't remember the last time I bought buttons from a regular shop.

Today is our 37th wedding anniversary. I'm really not sure where the years have gone but they have. I can honestly say I have enjoyed them all.  I am so lucky to have a husband that indulges my passion for knitting and puts up with all the clicking, also says how lovely everything is and points out yarn offers online, what a man!! Love you so much xx

12 January 2014

Family - Baby shower Saturday

We had a surprise baby shower yesterday. Our barn was the venue for yet another wonderful family/friends party. We have spent the last few weeks arranging the party, trying Stu has been trying to prevent Rachel buying too much baby stuff.  We wanted it to be a surprise and I think we succeeded, especially when she turned up at the house yesterday afternoon dressed to help in the garden!!  There was shock, smiles, tears and hugs.  Friends came from near and far to join in the fun.

Rebecca was the main instigator of the party for her sister. She isn't one for games so we knew it would be fairly low key. However, she came up trumps with her party.  She asked Rachel's friends to provide some words of wisdom and encouragement and these were put into a notebook for reading when times get tough or she wants a smile.  We decorated drinking straws with moustaches or crowns so that everyone could make their choice depending on what they thought the gender of the baby would be.  Then the piece de resistance was to paint a baby vest.  Rachel's friends took to this amazingly well and produced some beautiful work.  Who knew there was so much talent out there.

So without further ado here are some photos of the afternoon

Rebecca, Ellen & Anne
Cara and Gemma
Rachel & Stu
Katie, Claire & Rachel

Nikki, Claire & Jo
Stu's mum Jan and Grandma Peggy
Gemma, Rachel, Emma, Carla & Cara

The gifts

Can you believe this doll has a pregnant stomach which revolves to remove the baby!!  Gross

Mel & Lucy, recognise the hat?
Vest gallery
Thank you to everyone who came to make this a special afternoon for Rachel.