11 May 2014

Weekend - weather forecasts can be wrong

We've had the boys for the weekend.  When I looked at the forecast my heart sunk. I made plans for very wet weather and crossed my fingers that we could keep them entertained.  My worries were unfounded.  Whilst it has been incredibly windy it has stayed dry and the only rain happened overnight.

They had great fun doing what boys do in the garden, dig holes, fill them with water and just get generally muddy, climb trees.  All good fun.

This was Friday

Then Saturday.........

dinosaur hunter

found under a sleeper ........ ick, even the chickens wouldn't tackle them 

helping out
Laurie has no fear of the chickens, Rufus was a bit more cautious.  I actually surprised myself with holding them, but you can't show fear!!

Ok maybe its not fun when they start flapping .....!!

They wanted to take her for a ride!
Jessica popped in for a while

look I can roll onto my side and back again

So that was what we've been up to this weekend and I even managed to get some knitting done.  Never still in our house.


  1. Such fun. I'm kind of surprised how tame the chickens seem. Of course, I really don't know anything about chickens.

  2. My son used to always pick up the chickens when we went to an animal farm. He absolutely loved them. They can become quite tame if you handle them quite a bit. Your grandsons are so cute and must keep you entertained. Jessica is looking so cute and I love her new handknits that your knitting up.

  3. I will never tire of seeing your Loves grow. All 3 are just make me smile the brightest of smiles.
    Always so much fun in your yard.

  4. Great hats and loads of fun, looks like a wonderful weekend. Goes to prove a little mud doesn't hurt anyone.

  5. Such fun pictures! I'm glad the weather held for the boys' visit. There's nothing like water and dirt for keeping them entertained! You look very courageous holding that chicken. Well done you!


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