18 July 2014

Holiday - Along the Canal du Midi

Caunes Minervois is situated fairly near to Carcassone and the Canal du Midi runs along this area. We visited the canal between Carcassone and Homps.

Its a good easy walk as its flat and whilst pretty boring looking for the most, the locks and some of the boats make up for it. See what I mean? This is 3 different spots along the canal all look pretty much alike

This day we got caught in a thunderstorm, boy did we get wet!! Look lovely at this point

This is one of the sets of locks, its a triple one, fascinating to watch

We visited Le Redorte which is one of the stops along the canal - nice coffee

Then Homps which has a marina

Carcassone was a 45 minute walk from the locks in the first photos

Not sure I fancy a boating holiday but plenty of people seem to do it.  I guess a much more leisurely pace, though we did see some funny maneuvers! I'll say nothing about women drivers...........


  1. One year we stood at Buzet in blazing sunshine looking at Rick Steins "noddy boats"

  2. (Not quite sure what happened there!)

    as they floated along and we thought that it would be a good holiday for us to try.\
    So the next year we returned for a week on the canal and it rained every day. Put us off a bit.\
    Come to think of it though, every time we hire a boat, it rains.\
    All of your photos have been lovely, thank you so much for sharing.\

  3. What a nice walk along the canal! Although I have to say I don't know how you were able to have a coffee, then continue walking. This is my huge problem when I travel. If I drink anything I need to know there are going to be washrooms nearby. Ha!

  4. What fun boats! And the first pictures of the canal -- so peaceful.


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