8 September 2014

Weekend - Tidy time

Its that time of year, the garden is starting to go over and there is lots of clearing up to do.  We spent a busy few days starting the clear out of the borders.  We had a bit of help from the girls

I wouldn't mind their help if the could just put the mess in a bag rather than throwing it everywhere.  We still have a fair bit of colour, these Rudbeckia are going strong

Apples, these are windfalls, in need to juicing.  There is also a basket of walnuts, all that Peter could rescue from the squirrels.

Runner beans, these are still going strong too, this lot got turned into another batch of Delia's pickled beans. Any suggestions for other things to do with them when you are tired of eating them and you don't like them from frozen?

They ripen by the day........

The first hat from the pink/purple bag.  This is simple beanie done in a slip stitch pattern taken from an Erika Knight pattern in the Love Knitting for Baby magazine Feb/Mar 2014, pretty.

I cast on another in the lilac yarn and am doing it in a little shell pattern from one of the Harmony stitch guides. Photos to follow


  1. What a lot of nice produce! That basket of tomatoes makes me quite envious. We had a few off our plant as a salad last night. Nothing like homegrown!

  2. I too have yet another crop of runner beans to pick. Considering I only had a handful of plants in the first place, I can't believe how many beans we've eaten.
    You have plenty of home produce there, it all looks lovely.

  3. Save some of that color for a few weeks!

  4. So many apples! You have a fantastic garden yield this year! Love the hat too, it's super cute.

  5. So much hard work - but all well worth it!


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