24 October 2014

Knitting and stuff

Goodness another week is done and dusted, where do the weeks go?

If you are wondering why the blog is quieter than usual, it's because I decided to limit the amount of exposure I give the grandchildren.  As they get older, I am aware that they become more recognisable to the outside world and to be honest you never know who is reading and looking.  To that end I have decided this blog will go back to being about my knitting, our garden, trips and on occasions the children will feature. I hope you understand.  I know there are some that just visit to see the children, sorry. If you are on Facebook then you can catch up there, as we are able to limit who sees them.

Anyway, back to the knitting.  This week I have made slipper boots for Jess and started a slipover vest for Laurie, finished the navy cardigan and got new yarn.

for Jess - from Cute Knits for Baby Feet - Beautiful Bootees
Design F from Sirdar Secret Garden Aran Knits
Fairisle pattern from Alice Starmores book
yarn was from stash no idea what it was

Super Natural Stripes by Fawn Pea on Ravelry
Hayfield Aran with Wool

My lovely husband came home with this lot from Aldi for me.  He knows the way to my heart

Thats all from me for now.  Looking forward to spending some time with the family, but rest assured there will be lots of knitting and laughter

15 October 2014

Knitting - Another Wednesday

Wednesday seems to come around so quickly each week.  I actually love Wednesday as it means only one more day at work before the weekend!!

This week I have been working the Short Row Shawl by Sarah Hazell.  This is knitted in the Imperial Yarn Tracie Too Sport given to my by Joan aka Marmepurl.  It has knitted up beautifully and I still have around 40 grams leftover, so will need to find a small project to use it up.

The next project is Super Natural Stripes by Fawn Pea, this one I have done on numerous occasions but love it and Miss J needed the next size up.  I am using Hayfield Bonus Aran 80% acrylic 20% wool

Well thats it from me, so happy knitting to all

12 October 2014

Weekend - not quite over yet

Before I sit down and relax I thought I'd get this post out of the way.  Its been a busy weekend.

Yesterday I had the day to myself as Peter was out with Tim and the boys.  It had rained overnight so the garden was a bit damp first thing, with more rain to come (it didn't).  So I had a quick tidy round then set to and made an apple cake.  The recipe was from Cooking Classy - Irish Apple Cake.  I used bramley apples as I had lots, it turned out fine.  Best eaten on the day warm, we had a bit today and not quite so nice cold, but I'm sure popping it in the microwave for a short burst will help

Whilst the cake was cooking I cleaned my boots, and sorted the wardrobes and drawers.

I then spent the afternoon in the garden doing a bit more clearing up.

Today we have been outside since 10am and got lots done.  We found a great crested newt under one of the rotting herb boxes.  Peter tucked him out of sight of the chickens and hopefully he will find somewhere is hibernate for the winter

New herb bed, do you think it mean that the sage is right by the chicken run?

bit late for this Yucca flower, hopefully we will get to enjoy it before a frost
this bee was having fun in the Mahonia flowers
bee in action
last sunflowers
I have updated the Our Garden page so for more photos check it out.

Now I'm going to get back to my knitting.  The short row scarf is coming along, I got the lace pattern done and I'm now onto the short rows.  I have another cardigan request for Miss J, so pattern and yarn already in a bag waiting.  Never a dull moment.

10 October 2014

Knitting - FO Friday - Stars collide

For the last few weeks I have been working on a selection of hats for my family.  Each year we go to Southwold together and it has become a bit of a tradition for them to all have matching hats.  As we have now added Jess to the mix we needed a new look, plus Laurie had grown out of his last hat.  To make things easier, you wouldn't believe the struggle to make sure everyone had their right hat on, I decided we would have the same but slightly different.  To that end this is what they are getting this year.

Pattern was a basic beanie, using a star motif and knitted in King Cole Big Value DK for the main and oddments from stash for the colour.  The childrens hats had a 2 x 1 rib and the adults 3 x 2 rib.  Jess got a pair of mitts to go with her's.







BTW if you are wondering where mine is I don't "do" hats.

Now these are finally out of the way I have cast on the following project using some of the yarn that Joan gave me.  Even with just the first row knitted I can tell this yarn is going to be so soft.  I was pleased to find it was knot free. As whilst looking on Ravelry to see what others had knitted with it, I was surprised to see how many people complained about knots.  I must have got lucky.

Short row shawl 
With a relatively free weekend I am hoping to make inroads into this project. So happy weekend to you all

6 October 2014

Just a few tomatoes

I took 6lbs of these this afternoon and turned them into some spicy tomato chutney, using up some dates and figs that had been sitting around for a while.  Sweet, hot and very tasty.

Now need to decide what to do with the rest, those in the colander still need dealing with. Any suggestions?

4 October 2014

FO's on a Saturday

I have started this weekend with two finished projects.  Its a satisfying feeling, especially when I have just two more hats to complete for the holiday project, then I can work on something else.

The ten stitch has been on the go since June and I'm actually glad to see the back of it.  The finished size is 50" x 50"and it used 1380 grams of yarn.  The yarn was an assortment from stash, held together to make a chunky yarn, thus giving the tweed effect.  I added the flower to the middle as I wasn't keen on the initial green.  This will be for Jess to play on as they have laminate floors which are a bit cool in the winter months.

I also completed a hat - 1 hour Hat with Bobbles by Stefanie Japel for Craftsy.  I can tell you, I couldn't knit this in an hour, took me more like two, but then I didn't sit at it religiously.  Pleased with the end result.  I expect my youngest will claim it.

To give you a laugh - I left the hat on the head form last night and it gave my husband a real fright this morning when he came downstairs to find it sitting on the back of the sofa!  Must admit these heads are kind of freaky

Having a quiet weekend, the weather doesn't look promising, I currently have washing out but keeping an eye on the weather.  Hope you all have a peaceful weekend.....