1 November 2014

Family - the annual return

We are just back from our annual holiday in Southwold.  Half-term week so much busier than usual, a tiring week of early mornings but still very enjoyable!

 With a house on the seafront this year, we woke to this view every morning.  How could you ever tire of it?

Monday morning
Friday morning
The weather was kind to us and we spent a portion of every day on the beach.  Lot of sand castles, stone collecting and digging was had by all. I am pleased that my knitwear was very much in evidence this past week. I also managed to get Laurie's slipover finished and Ru's started.  Also a hat for Miss J.

The photos are in no particular order.  I took 460 over the week. I love digital cameras, snap away, delete what you don't like, no wasted film.

Poor Pops, can you believe that the boys pushed him over the breaker!
We also got in some walking and cake eating.  We found a great place for the kids to play its called the Pit Stop Cafe, lots of bikes, scooters and cars for the children to play on in safe surroundings and cake for the adults

my take on a hat by Joules at a fraction of the price!!


  1. Magical. Your photos tell such lovely story of place, people and time. So Happy for you all!

  2. What a wonderful looking family holiday! And the great weather must have felt like a bonus. There's something very heartwarming about seeing your handknits being put to good use, isn't there? It was nice catching glimpses of your grandchildren again too. :-)

  3. Looks like a wonderful time. Your family seems to be a close-knit group, which is wonderful. We always had such fun building sand castles with our kids when they were young. Maybe someday I'll build some with grandchildren. (If I'm not too old by then!)


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