1 December 2014

Sunday Walk

As promised we went for a walk yesterday and I took the camera.

We are fortunate to have lots of walks close at hand, but some would say unfortunate that we now have to share them with all and sundry due to the guided busway and the RSPB taking over the lake areas.  The riverside walkways are so well walked these days that they have been turned to mud in places, making for difficult, messy, wet and unpleasant walking.  Me thinks we need to get some different boots for winter walking.

fields laying with water already, doesn't bode well

wet socks!!
It was a beautiful morning and a joy to be outside, lots of bird life........ and people!  Time was we would do this walk and never see another soul.  How times change, but at least people are getting out and enjoying what is around them.


  1. A lovely walk if a tad muddy. Walking in wellies sounds ideal and after a muddy walk they are so easy to hose off, but on a long walk they make my legs ache. I prefer wearing my walking shoes but when they become so caked in mud it is an issue - who is going to clean them?


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