19 January 2015

Knitting ....... and a bit of crochet

How is it the start of another week already?  The weekend flew by.

Rachel's wedding dress arrived so we went for a look see and a try on, very exciting. We left Jess with Peter in the tea rooms next door, knowing full well that they would be fine with a toasted tea cake a piece.

We spent a couple of hours in the garden Sunday trying to start the border tidying.  It seems that no matter how much clearing up you do in the autumn there is always a mess.  The snowdrops won't be long into flower, and the aconites in the drive have their sunny faces out.  It was very cold so two hours was more than enough and I rewarded myself with an afternoon of knitting, though sitting still didn't help my aching back!

I started another cardigan for Jess, she is outgrowing everything. This cardigan is the Tulip Yoke free on Ravelry. Top down, flat fairisle, knitted in King Cole Big Value DK as usual.

I also managed to master simple crochet flowers.  Not brilliant but getting better the more I make.  I need to get the middles a bit tighter but have been given a tip to try.

So there we are, nearly three quarters through January already, roll on the lighter, warmer days...........


  1. I don't know where this month is going. I braced myself for less than an hour in the garden one day last week and did some tidying. Do you think it's because we have had some mild weather and plants started to grow when they shouldn't? Now we've had a cold spell these new shoots have very quickly died off and our garden was looking quite messy.
    Thumbs up for your little flowers!

  2. What a cute jumper - I'm already contemplating who I could knit one for... And crochet flowers are always such a happy thing. :)


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