22 February 2015

Weekend - a poorly boy, some knitting and a birthday

This should be entitled "vomit is not a good look on me".

Poor Laurie was sick all over me on Friday evening, to be honest as I was carrying him downstairs and he started to retch, my one thought was not on the stair carpet, so I chose to take the lot.  We had a really rough night, high temperatures and restless, needless to say I didn't get much sleep, it was like trying sleeping with a very hot water bottle.  His Mummy came and collected him early, putting pay to their quiet weekend and left Rufus to continue his weekend with us.  I can't remember the last time we had just Rufus, it was nice but we all missed Laurie.  Kids are funny, normally they are both vying for individual attention but on his own he did miss his brother.

We did lots of work in the garden and Rufus was building an extension for the chicken run and planning where Pops is going to build a treehouse and play area.

Knitting - I just finished this hooded poncho for Jess, the pattern is Hooded Baby Poncho by Lion Brand and the yarn is Stylecare Aran.  The buttons were chosen by Rufus, apparently the the large heart is me, the yellow star him, the dragonfly Laurie and the pink heart Jess.

Today is Jess' birthday, one today.  She will be coming over later for cake.  Here is a picture collage of her first year, such a happy smiley little girl.

and some of her modelling some of her knitwear, she really is a great model and I am so happy that her mummy loves handknits.

Happy birthday Jessica and get well little Laurie xx


  1. Oh Sue, what an awful thing to have happen while you were keeping Laurie. I hope he is better now, and that the rest of you don't catch it. A very Happy Birthday to Jessica. She is such a sweetheart! Hard to believe she's a year old already!

  2. Happy First Birthday to Jess! Hope Laurie is feeling much better.

  3. Rufus chose some great buttons but what a shame Laurie was poorly. There is so much of this sickness about, not nice for the little ones.

  4. What a doll! Prayers for the little one to feel better. I had an episode where my daughter threw up all over the car, I finally held my hand in front of her mouth the 3rd time to try and contain it. Ah, memories. LOL


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