1 March 2015

Weekend - you can come again

We have seen lots of Jess this weekend.  Friday was my "Jess day", a beautiful day, we managed to get out in the sunshine for 2 good walks, 2 good naps and lots of play.

Saturday she had her first trip out on a bicycle.  It was grey and very windy, but she enjoyed her trip

She was back later in the afternoon to stay the night for the first time on her own.  Her mummy and daddy had a lovely evening out and a lay in.  She was so good.  Ate a huge dinner of cottage pie and baked beans followed by a yogurt.  Bath, stories and bed.  She woke briefly at 5:40am then chatted herself back to sleep until 7:30am.

For breakfast she demolished 5 banana pancakes, this girl loves her food!

This child is always so happy and smiley, long may it continue.

The cardigan is one knitted for Rufus when he was small and does duty in lieu of a dressing gown. I don't have a photo of Laurie wearing it but here is Rufus

We did manage to get a bit of gardening done yesterday, still lots to do, but it is lovely that the afternoons are starting to draw out.  1 March today, spring is around the corner, 12 weeks to the wedding.........


  1. No doubt Jess enjoyed her sleepover as much as you did having her.

  2. This is adorable! She's so cute <3


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