6 April 2015

Easter Break?

A break is definitely not what we have had this long 4 day weekend.

Friday was really dull and miserable so we went to town and tried to find hubby clothes for the upcoming wedding - fail.  I thought I hated clothes shopping but he is worse than me.

Saturday and Sunday - scrub, rub and paint would be 3 words that described our time. 22 chairs prepped and first coated.  The men built the bar with Jess giving some instruction. We ate far too many hot cross buns and a lovely roast lamb dinner.  I've had no chocolate, how good am I?

And today, its been an assault on the garden, bushes have been tamed and areas cleared.  Busy time but very satisfying. It will look beautiful..........

So I guess you need some photos now.

Tomorrow, back to work for a rest!  Hope you all had a great Easter.


  1. You had a very productive long weekend, Sue. Enjoy your nice rest while you are at work this week. :-)

  2. Your garden does look lovely and all your hard work really shows.


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