19 April 2015

Exploring somewhere new

I really cannot believe that we have lived here all the years and yet have never been to Anglesey Abbey.  Its a mere 12 miles away.  It took a visit by our youngest daughter a couple of week ago to encourage us to visit.  As we have had the boys this weekend we thought we would take them along too.

We never got to see the house so that will be saved for another visit, but the boys loved the Wildlife Discovery Area.  What fun for little boys.  There was a treehouse - bit too high for them, preferring the smaller pirate ship.  I was so cross, I got out my camera only to find that it had been left on and the battery was exhausted and I didn't have the spare with me, so I had to makedo with my phone. The photos didn't come out too badly when all is said and done.

There were lots of piles of sticks for the children to make "dens", here is our effort

I wildlife centre with lots of exhibits and craft materials

Lots of space to let of steam and run around, good facilities for lunch and yes somewhere we will definately go back too.

When we got home there was time for play in the garden as it was a really beautiful day

Today hasn't been so nice, grey and much colder.  It was the annual Yesteryear Run, we watched for a while outside then decided to come in and watch in the warm. Funny it was cold last year too, look how much more advanced with garden is!

We have had a great weekend, tiring, but fun.  Hope yours has been good too.


  1. The Abbey does look like a great place for kids to explore and have fun. Nice parade too.

  2. What a fun, creative place. I'll bring my boys right over...

  3. Anglesey Abbey is a place we've not visited either, obviously a bit further away for us than you but not that far really. It looks like a great place to visit and one I shall put on my list.


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