30 June 2015

June in pictures

Blink and you missed it.  Where did June go?  Summer has finally arrived and of course we are all moaning its too hot now.  I guess we are never satisfied, but I think its a case of all or nothing with the UK weather, we never get just a spell of nice, calm, warm.  It promises to be a sticky night, highs of 20c (68F).

So what did we do in June? Made a nice seating area, flowers in the garden, new life on the river, a birthday boy, camping weekend, Strawberry Fair, knitting, stash sorting, grandchild care.

26 June 2015

Flashing my stash

My stash cupboard has been in a mess for a while now, you know you pull out a bag, shove it back. Everything is a jumble, open bags, no bags, loose yarn unravelling. I have bags of yarn all over the place. As I have a whole Friday to myself today I decided one of my first jobs was to sort my stash.

There is another good reason for tidying up. I got an email from Wool Warehouse last night with an amazing offer, one too good to leave, Drops Love You 5 100% recycled cotton -50gram balls for 80p each!!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit to buying 32 balls, well its free postage if you spend £25, and I don't feel guilty as 10 minutes after I bought it I received a cheque for £60, 2nd prize in the village monthly draw, bonus.

So this is what my stash looks like when all pulled out on a king sized bed

I have been very ruthless and had a good sort out, bagged everything up neatly.  There is a large bag to give to Sandra for the Shoebox Appeal

Now my stash is neat there doesn't look anywhere near as much yarn ......wink wink

Double Knit
Double Knit odds and ends
Sock, 4ply and thinner
another view of Aran
 and here it is all neatly put away.  Not sure where the new yarn is going though...... may need to clear the bottom which contains all my stuffing, yarn rings, drop spindle, mini loom etc etc

24 June 2015

WIPs and Flowers

The sun is out today amazing, its warm and sunny, and the mosquitos are biting.  I walked around the garden taking photos and felt a nip on my leg.  I just can't win, they love me, I really don't want to have to cover myself in spray every time I walk down the bottom of the garden, its a pain.

Anyway, the flowers are still looking lovely and I have been busy knitting too.  I have the latest Love Knitting for Baby to read, I've already flicked through and seen several things I want to knit.  However, I currently have a couple of items on the needles.  A hooded cardigan for Miss J and a short sleeved cardigan for me. The Clanger is for a competition, I have knitted the Clanger and others will be dressing and doing the features.

Here are a few flowers for you to enjoy

and the promise of sweet treats from the garden if the birds leave them alone

21 June 2015

Weekend round up

We had the boys for the weekend, this is what we got up to -

Camping in the garden, it was cold!  The marshmallows were good

Lego - birthday presents

Chef Laurie - this child loves to bake, and very good he is too

and someone who said he didn't need to nap......

16 June 2015

one for each day

The hats are finished for Miss J - 7 hats for 7 days.  

Pattern Over the Rainbow by Julie Ferguson from Love Knitting for Baby issue 19
Yarn Rico Essential Cotton DK

Buttons various from stash