2 September 2015

August in photos - a snapshot of our holiday

Here we are in September, the nights have started to draw in and I am feeling very sad that the summer is coming to an end. Hopefully the weather will pick up, it usually does once the children go back to school.

This is just a snapshot of our holiday in France.  I will tell you more about it another time, life is getting in the way at the moment and blogging is going to take a back seat for a bit.


  1. Lovely photos Sue! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday, and I look forward to reading about it once you have a chance to catch your breath and get back to blogging.

  2. The summer holidays came and with it lots of family fun, if only we could hold on to those wonderful moments for a little longer. Let's hope that September still holds some summer sunshine in it's tail.


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