21 November 2015

Southwold - its that time of year again

We are just back from our annual autumn trip to Southwold. So many photographs......

Southwold - my most favourite holiday location. The venue for so many holidays since the age of 9, and let's face it, I will be 60 in February, so thats a lot of holidays!  With the passing of my father in September I always knew that this year would be difficult, but I didn't anticipate it being quite so painful. So many happy memories around every corner.  I have to confess to many weepy moments.

This year we tried a new house, Tibby's View, a lovely property, a real home from home, smaller than we usually go for as we were only going to be 5.  Now that Rufus is at school, trips during term time are not possible. At the last moment Rebecca decided to bring the boys down for the weekend so as not to miss out.  We managed to squeeze everyone in and Suffolk Secrets kindly let us have the house early in the day which got us settled in and helped with the rainy weather!

We had a mixed bag week weatherwise, mild, wet, sunny, windy, boy was it windy at times, turning colder as the week drew to a close. Even though the weekend was not the best we managed to do plenty and even got on the beach. Lunch at the Red Lion, fish and chips from the new chippy, hot chocolate and tea cakes on the beach, cakes from the Magpie Bakery, we did lots of eating!!

I think someone tried to take his teacake
these two got soaked!!

We were so pleased that Rebecca and the boys got to join us even for just a short while.  I will share more photographs from the rest of the week tomorrow


  1. Looks great. I really like the photo of the two of you with the grandkids. How nice the boys could come. I'm sure it's still very hard with your father gone. It hasn't been very long.

  2. So glad it was a good get away and R and the boys made it. But...no new hats?

  3. Those beach pics with everyone warmly dressed and hot chocolate in the offing remind me of days in July on the Yorkshire coast!


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