23 November 2015

Southwold - last photos

So Wednesday thru Saturday we were on our own.  That means walking in our book.  The weather was kind, if not a bit windy at times, but made for some good photos.

Wednesday we walked to Dunwich and back via Westwood Lodge that's 14 miles round.  Stopped for the obligatory pint at the Ship then had a picnic lunch on the beach

Thursday we had a lazy sort of day, wandered around, finished a puzzle then lunch at the Smokehouse

Friday we set out to walk to Kessingland along the beach.  We got as far as Benacre Marshes but the sea had breached the marsh and access was via a fast flowing runoff which we decided may be a problem on the return as the tide was due to start coming in.  Actually we were glad to decided to return when we did, as we were actually cut off at Southwold via the route we got onto the beach and faced either a very wet climb over the rocks or a scramble up the cliff!  The cliff won, bit scary but at least dry. A couple of pints at the Nelson were needed to get over the climb!

this wasn't the cliff we climbed thank goodness

Magpie bakery sausage rolls
drift wood to take home
and that was Southwold November 2015.  Work came very hard this morning..........


  1. Great pictures. Love the ones of the first walk especially. Glad you captioned the cliff as NOT the one you climbed because I was thinking it looked formidable! What kind of fish were those at your lunch (which looks more like a seafood feast!)?

  2. The pictures are all wonderful Sue, but the one I like the most is the fence with the bits of wool wound around it. I've seen quite a few fences like that on my walks in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

  3. May I have a moment to stomp my feat and be oh so jealous????? The sights, the food, the pints, the walks, even the climb....but most of all, the time of togetherness for just two.
    Ok, I am good now and am very, very happy for you and your wonderful adventure in the place you heart loves so.

  4. What a wonderful time you must have had. We are so lucky to have the Southwold/Aldeburgh coastline within reach, great places to spend chilling out and relaxing. I'm impressed with the driftwood, have you a plan for what to do with it. We've collected quite a bit too, smaller pieces though and one day our vision is a lamp stand for our lounge.

  5. Fabulous pictures, the jaunt sounds to have been good fun and will have blown any cobwebs away - am quite envious
    Did you construct the metal artwork on your travels? Its rather wonderful!


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