29 November 2015

Tree dressing - family fun day out

It was cold, grey and damp yesterday when we set out for the Tree Dressing at The Spinney in Little Bytham. What is it with small kids that they aren't bothered by the weather and are able to have fun in any conditions, my feet were freezing. This is an amazing place, not too far outside of Stamford and I'm sure on a fine day is great, we will return. Plenty to do, there are picnic areas, a wobbly wooden bridge! walks, trainspotting , play areas etc

zip wire fun
setting a fire in the cabin
trousers were damp so he got stuck

matching hats
Beck and I had fun making tree decorations as the kids got bored preferring to make clay tiles and boggle men.  There was a fire pit where the kids toasted marshmallows, fun run for the older children, mud painting and all free.  The only things you needed to pay for were the refreshments and glitter tattoos.

A fun morning out, followed up by a warming lunch at a nearby Rasells nursery, thank you Tim, we had a girls table and a boys table and thankfully we had it to ourselves until nearly finished as it got a bit rowdy!

We then followed this up with a Christmas Fayre at Ru's school.  Can't remember when I saw a school event so well attended, well done everyone involved, it was good fun and some real bargains to be had by way of a pile of "new" reading material for the grandchildren when they come over.

And finally, I finished the Baby Ferris cardigan for Jess

Sunday will be quiet......


  1. Children never worry about weather do they?
    I wonder if that's why when we look back at our childhood the weather was always perfect, hot and sunny in the summer, cold and snowy in the winter.

  2. Busy lady! All good times though. I will have to remember girls/boys tables idea. Clever.


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