28 December 2015

2016 - the future

2015 has been a funny old year 
to be honest there were parts I don't want to dwell on 
all of which you can read on here, if you have the time or inclination.  

I bring you the future
Our beautiful daughters and their growing families
plus, a new baby for Rachel, Stu and Jess in May

See you in 2016 - Happy New Year

photograph by Caroline Loves Photography 

23 December 2015

Knitting through 2015

Good morning all, I decided to check out on Ravelry to see what I have accomplished this year knitting wise.  Quite an impressive haul if I say so myself.  I am still working on a cardigan for my eldest which will be done before year end.

Plans for 2016 - well a baby blanket is high on the list for May.  A fair isle yoked cardigan for Rachel and I'm sure plenty of knits for Miss J, other than that no requests so far,

Hopefully you have enjoyed some of my projects and maybe found some inspiration.  Looking forward to sharing with you all in 2016

19 December 2015

The empty chair

To all dear friends and family for whom there will be an empty chair this Christmas.................