26 January 2016

Knitting - Dane Shawl and some knitwear in action

I am certainly getting through some knitting at the moment.  Put it down to the dark winter nights and wet weekends that keep me out of the garden.  That's my excuse anyway.

I finished my Dane Shawl before weekend and have managing to now get it blocked.  I am so happy with the result.  This for me was a challenge.  I normally avoid lace patterns that are charted, preferring written instructions.  When I saw this shawl on Ravelry I knew I would have to get over that and give it a go.  I won't say it was a breeze but once I got going I found the chart easy to follow, just not ideal for TV watching.  The yarn I used was a gift from my friend Joan - Sincere Sheep Silken Fingering - the 500yd skein was enough to do 4 pattern repeats with just a tiny amount left over.  This yarn blocked beautifully, the only problem with it was that I got green fingers whilst knitting, which was odd, as when I soaked it prior to blocking the water was clear!!?

So here is my Dane Shawl

Now onto the knitwear in action.  We had all the grandchildren here this weekend and I was more than happy to see them attired in their warm winter woolies.  The pattern for the boys sweater is this, Jess' this this one and Rachel's is the Ellen Cardigan


  1. I love that the choice for seating is a plastic bin!! Lovely sweaters all.

  2. The shawl is lovely, Sue. I'm very impressed that you were able to transition to using the charts for the lace pattern. I've not yet made that leap. And it's always so rewarding seeing our family wear the things we've knit for them. They all look wonderful!

  3. You did a beautiful job on that shawl, and I adore the sweaters! So cute.

  4. Oh my, the grands are getting so big. So happy to see them in your creations.
    The Dane shawl is such a pretty pattern. To bad about that green bleeding. I hope it doesn't rub out on your clothes.

  5. love your shawl so beautiful!!

  6. Your shawl looks wonderful, so pretty.
    Grandchildren think alike, my granddaughter spent quite a bit of time yesterday sitting, paddling along in a storage box exactly like yours.


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