17 January 2016

Weekend - all change

This weekend wasn't the one I had expected to have.  I was due to attend my postponed (by me) Photography for Knitters workshop but this was cancelled due the tutor being ill.  It will happen at some point.  Anyway I had a bit of a play on my own today, trying to take some arty shots.  Not really sure if I've succeeded!

I also had a sort out of my button jars, I'm going to run out of space on my shelves before long.  There is something very soothing about sorting buttons.

Whilst talking about sorting, I had a mad panic this morning.  I decided to have a tidy up of my computer, deleting photo folders that had been synced to Google to clear some disk space, it was only as I had done about 6 folders that I noticed a check box was ticked for REMOVE ONLINE COPIES TOO.............No No No.  Yes, they had gone and also the link to photos on my blog....... No No No.  Feeling a bit sick I sat for a few minutes then thought, check the Recycle Bin....... saved there they all were, so I restored and then resynced, photos saved.  However, I need to go through the blog and find the posts involved, I've found a few and sorted those.  If you happen to come across a post with photos missing please give me a shout so I can sort them.  So lesson to self, before you delete anything check twice.


  1. Your arty shots are very good Sue. I especially like the middle two. I think your button pictures are quite arty as well, and I have to confess to being quite jealous of your button stash. Scary about your deleted pictures. I'm glad you were able to get them back.

  2. Styling for photos is fun. I like your creativity with the bobbins. Looks like that yarn is knitting up into something quite pretty.

  3. Oh, that would have been scary - deleting your photos by accident. Glad you found them in your recycle. Your arty photos are terrific. Not sure you need a workshop at all.

  4. You're going to enjoy a workshop to build on where you are! And how does a person amass such a cache of buttons??

  5. I am always so nervous of hitting the delete button where photos are concerned, if I delete from my phone will they disappear from the iPad and computer or will they still be in the iCloud? As you can probably tell my confidence is lacking.
    You have an amazing collection of buttons!

  6. I back up photos on Google AND iCloud before deleting. I've still lost hundreds though :( The hazards of changing computers regularly.


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