28 March 2016

Easter weekend

It's been a mixed weekend weather wise.  Beautiful on Friday, which was fortunate as we went to Belton House and Park with the girls and the grandchildren. We had a wonderful day and the children and adults had a great time.  It was so busy, I think everyone had had an eye on the forecast and decided Friday was the day to visit.  Even so there was plenty of room for everyone to play and park.

Saturday started dull and grey, we went to town for a bit of shopping and a coffee. Then the afternoon/evening was spent doing what I do best - knitting.

Sunday, we woke to wind and sunshine and managed 3 hours in the garden - cutting back the beech hedges before rain stopped play.  We now have piles of beech clipping all over the lawn, and somewhere there is an abandoned pair of secuteres!  We decided to have a late roast lunch rather than wait til evening, which meant I got in plenty of knitting again.  We watched the final episode of the Night Manager , gripping to say the least, not sure what it did for my knitting tension!  This has been the best BBC drama in ages, well done BBC.  I did get my knitting finished which was a bonus, so have achieved 2 projects this weekend.

Today, bank holiday Monday is currently dry but oh so windy and cold.  No plans as such. Peter is visiting his mum right now and I have had a tidy round.  If the rain stays off we may have to go and collect up all the beech clippings.

Thank you all for your comments on here and Facebook regarding the Cat Cushion and the Simply Knitting star letter, they are much appreciated and I am pleased to tell that several people have started on their own cushion and loads have queued it.

So here are some photos from the weekend.  I hope you all had a peaceful weekend, back to work tomorrow!

Precious booties by Bernat

Hine is a girl by Kelly Brooker


  1. Looks like fun times. I like the booties! We enjoy many of the BBC dramas, too. Will have to see if Night Manager is available here yet.

  2. What is it about losing items? Yours is the second blog in five minutes that mentioned it -- he losing a beloved case of drawing materials, you and the secateurs! We call them loppers, too, easier to say!

  3. Glad to see you in the photos. Always love seeing your family and I marvel at how they have grown.

  4. Glad you managed to do something nice over Easter, the weather certainly was very erratic.
    The Night Manager was gripping and my knitting came to a halt when I was watching it.


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