3 April 2016

Weekend - why do you go so fast?

I can't believe it's Sunday evening again, where did that weekend go?

We certainly had some amazing weather and have spent our time working on the garden.  Even though Peter wasn't feeling too well, he has a bad throat and a very husky voice, he has finished cutting back all the hedges, amongst other stuff.  In fact we have gone crazy and cut back hard, so much extra light. We also decided that after 17 years - can't believe we have been in this house 17 years -some of the shrubs were past their best, vastly overgrown, so we have cut back and disposed of a number.  Lots of gaps to fill now and some to move if possible.

This photo was taken yesterday after the grass was cut but before the hedges and borders on the righthand side were attacked.

The girls enjoying the sunshine, in fact they were after our lunch!

Just look at that sky

I also managed to get Miss J's cardigan finished.  Pretty happy with it.  The sleeves aren't as puffy as I thought they would be, so thats a result. The pattern is Autumn Cardigan by Kelly Brooker

Peter has cooked dinner, venison casserole, after which I am looking forward to putting my feet up with a new project and another glass of wine. Not sure we'll be able to move later but it's been a good weekend.


  1. It's always so satisfying to get yard work done, especially after a winter of it sitting there getting tangled and overgrown. J's sweater is very sweet!

  2. It certainly was a weekend to be outside, perfect gardening weather.

  3. You have such a lovely, large garden. It looks pretty private, too, which must be nice.


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