15 June 2016

Visiting the Lion Brand Store NYC

Inviting window draws you in

 So much yarn to squish. I loved the fact that they had all the yarns knitted up in decent sized pieces so you could see and feel how they turned out.

We both loved the blue cardi and I plan to make this for Jess

and this is what I bought - Shawl in a Ball

and Amazing - a wool/acrylic mix, no plans for either as usual!!

Whilst flying over to New York, I completed a little sweater for Angus, this was the stage it was at when I got on the flight

and this was it at the end.

A good way to spend the time waiting in Heathrow airport and a 6.5 hour flight and this is what he looks like in it


  1. Gus is one beautiful baby!
    I REALLY should have stayed in NY longer!

    1. do you know the worst of it, we walked past the end of the road on the way back to the station!!


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