31 July 2016

July in pictures

July, where did you go?  I know I have said it many times but the months just seem to whizz by.

July, what did we do in July?

Day Trip to London

New Girls

Rufus lost his first tooth

Lion Brand Feather & Fan cardi for Jess

Hats for Baby Boothroyd


Laurie's taster for starting school in September

Rufus' sports day

Day at the coast

Heatwave (temp in the shade)

Bunny for Angus - meet Stanley

Miss Jess showing off her curls

A weekend walking and cycling

Cardigan for Gus (here with Aunty Beck Beck)

Laurie had a birthday (4)

Jess and her crew
Colour in the garden

Burghley Film Festival

as always the knitting isn't far behind

and finally

27 July 2016

Knitting - Wednesday's WIP

Along came Wednesday again!

Today's WIP is the Ellen Cardigan for me - I am really pleased with the colour combo that I selected from my stash.  Most of the yarn is from Aldi, those huge 400 gram balls that they have from time to time.  Hoping to get this well underway before I start on some baby requests for later in the year.  If I have time I may also start another ten-stitch blanket.  Several ladies from my knitting group have cast on and I do love these as they are just so easy to pick up and do.

Since I last posted I have made a cardigan for Gus - its the Seaside cardigan from Sublime knitted in Drops Muskat cotton which I got on sale at the Wool Warehouse

I know I haven't posted much again this month but I will be posting a round up of the month in photo form soon.

Take care and be kind to one another.  There is just too much sadness in the world right now

11 July 2016

July you are going so fast

July, you are 11 days old already, slow down.  Life has been busy here in Granny's World, we have some new additions.  Meet the girls, they have been here just over a week and finally settling down. Scruffy is leading them into bad habits and they have already managed to escape their part of the garden and are foraying into the flower garden!!

I have been busy knitting as usual.  Every time I think I can start on my cardigan I get another request.  I finished Jess' cardigan, made 2 hats for a friend of Rachel's.  Made a purchase of some Drops cotton from Wool Warehouse, some needed for a cardigan for Gus, the rest will go into stash.

My next project is a Rabbit for Gus, and then Rufus has asked for a cushion with a dog on it!! All exciting stuff.  There are 2 baby girls still to knit for, so life is busy.

The girls and I had their birthday shopping trip with young Gus on Saturday.  We had a lovely lunch out at Bills and managed to get the girls some new clothes.  Pops spent the day looking after the boys, so a good day all round.

Someone was getting bored
Smiley boy
That's it for today.  Hopefully summer will get here eventually.........