9 September 2017

Last innings

We finally find ourselves at our last weekend here in this house.  For weeks I never thought we'd get here.  I am sat at my craft table as our dining table and chairs went off yesterday to be stripped, waxed and painted.  A new look for the "new" house.  I sent along a side table and a nest of tables too.  I had planned to do these myself, but once I heard the price for a professional job decided whilst I would have the time, I'd never be truly happy with the results.  Plus its a couple of items we don't have to move on Thursday.

The packing is going reasonably well, we are at a point now where we still have to live, so our bedroom is intact, though I do need to pack our clothes.  The lounge has sofas and the tv,  the kitchen is sort of parred down. The front sitting room looks like this.  I wish I had had my camera handy yesterday when Gus got here and went to go in this room......priceless

the hall like this

and there are piles of boxes in the dining/utility/kitchen so its a bit like an obstacle course.  This weekend I am hopefully to consolidate them so I can start cleaning, that way we don't end up in a mad rush and I can leave here knowing that I left it presentable.

We have both had colds over the last 2 weeks which has helped to pull us down, Peter suffering badly with blocked sinus.  I think I got off reasonably lightly.

On Wednesday we interviewed for my replacement at work.  It seemed very odd going through my job with someone new, though I'm sure the person they are taking on will do a great job. Almost wish I was leaving sooner.  We will do a handover during my last week.

So there you have it a quick recap on where we are right now.  I guess my next post will be from our new home, have a great weekend