22 June 2018

11 days in La Ruche

After a 6 week break we returned to La Ruche.  Its was the longest time we had gone without seeing this side of the family.  The boys had grown, their french improved, and all in all seemed more settled.  The weather for the first few days was hideous, rain, rain and more rain.  Thunderstorms and flooding.  Then ..... the sun came out and work for Peter and I turned to the garden.  Due to the rain  the guys that fitted the new fosse (septic tank) haven't been able to get back and level the drives and gardens so we were limited in what we could do at the back. Though to be honest I think we would have run out of time anyway.

We worked on the vegetable bed, utilising an old pool cover to rid them of some weeds on the patch they won't use this year.  Not perfect but it cost nothing and at least you can't now see the weeds!

Then we turned our attention to two beds at the back of the house that could be worked on.  Removing the large rock edging an using old roofing tiles for a sleeker look. The back has still to be levelled and the contractor will put down finer chippings, making it easier underfoot

The bed over by the garages (atelier) had a tidy up too, and some cheap summer bulbs planted, hopefully some will come up this year

We had a trip out to a lake at Sille le Guillaume, with a lovely beach

Monday was Ru's 8th birthday

Laurie is currently into all things army

Pops made him a canon to go on his go-kart

Use a adhesive gun when you don't have one
We made a start on clearing the sides of the lake, but had to give up as it was too hot, and we had a party to go too.  Still it will be there to do on the next visit.

Then just a few pretties

well ok he's not pretty but he is edible, if that's your fancy

Till the next time