30 March 2019


Audrey 2002-2019  

Yesterday I took Audrey for what turned out to be her final visit to the vet.  I'll spare you the details of her final few hours but the vets consensus was that she had a brain tumour.  Nothing to be done but to say goodbye.  It never gets easy. I always seem to be the one that goes on this final journey with our pets, and there have been a number over the years.  

This is the first time in my life that I don't have a pet.  A strange feeling.  Will we get another? I don't think so, well not yet anyway. With our life currently spent back and forth to France, it wouldn't be fair on a young cat, and the cost of kennels makes for an expensive trip.  Audrey was used to our comings and going in the last couple of years, looked after with frequent visits by our daughter and grandchildren or the occasional stay at the kennels when they came with us, content to sleep her days away, never leaving the garden.

We will miss your grumpy face, your poking when we sit in your spot on the sofa, the constant ask for food, the hair on every dark item of clothing, the puddles on the carpet!! But most of all we will miss you just being there. Goodbye old friend.  

Her spot on the sofa

always interested in knitting

what do you mean diet?

Not fussy where she slept at times


25 March 2019

Botanic Gardens revisited

Today we paid a return visit to the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens.  Early spring found most beds still waking up. 

The daffodils and hellebore had gone over in places so were looking faded and tired.  The yellow beds in front of the glasshouses were looking good though and smelt lovely with lots of creamy hyacinths

The Winter Garden was still in full colour and saved the visit. 

Plenty of blossom on show - magnolias, cherry and the like

I think another visit in a month to six weeks will be in order.  For colour though I think our first visit wins hands down for now

We had planned a visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum as we were over that side of Cambridge, but alas they don't open on a Monday.  All was not lost though as we paid a visit to Wimpole Hall on the way home.  It was the first time we had been in the Hall, I didn't take any photos sorry.  As this is on our doorstep so to speak we will go again for sure. 

24 March 2019

24 March.....

I have been writing this blog for nearly 10 years and today some photos popped up on my phone from 6 years ago.  We had snow.  So I thought it would be interesting to see what we were doing on the 24 March over the last 10 years that I may have documented.  If I didn't take any photos on that day I will go a day or 2 either side.




23 March 2016

26 March 2015




23 March 2011
So looking through it appears that snow has only appeared once in 10 years in March.  But there seems to be a fair amount of knitting.  Now there's a surprise