29 April 2009

More for the stash

Whilst going to the bank for work, I have to pass the local charity shop. It has become my habit of popping in to see if they have any wool. Today, I came up trumps 4 bags with approximately 500grams of wool in each for £10. Lots of blues and greys which will come in very handy. It's amazing what people put out. Well I'm happy and so are the charity shops ladies. They are also a good source for buttons and needles, why pay full price if you don't have too.


  1. You are lucky! Charity shops where I live have very little yarn. We stayed in Cirencester about a month ago and most of the charity shops(about 15) had yarn though some of it was odd balls and part balls. However, I was able to buy enough of two yarns for a project. I di like some of the old fancy yarns; trying to track down Twilleys Bubbly.

  2. I'll keep a look out for you. Must admit I've become a bit of a charity shop addict. Beck got me started with bone china tea sets and glass cake stands for her wedding in August


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