4 November 2023

I’ve moved on

You can find me here


 Granny’s World

Just to let you know I have moved over to Substack. 

You can find me there if you are so inclined 

Thanks x

16 August 2022

Knitting news

 I finally finished this cardigan. And to be honest I’m glad to see the back of it. Started at end April it’s been hanging around for a while. This isn’t for me, I have two already, but for a friend. She asked if I could knit up some alpaca yarn she had in her stash. I said I would. There was no hurry, but I kept finding other things to do and I hate having projects languishing. Anyway said friend is coming this afternoon so I can hand it over and hope she likes it!

The pattern is the Mdina Cardigan by Kari Helene Rane, you can find it on Ravelry or Payhip. 

I have now started one of two small ten stitch blankets for the new kittens in France. How could I say no when the boys asked so nicely.  Again no rush.  I may also cast on a shawl or a pair of socks just for a change.

What are you currently working on?

12 August 2022

Tardiness on my part

Hello, it’s been a while again. Life seems to get in the way. Which actually is funny as life is what I blog about. 

Without the daily reminders from Bloglovin I have stopped following the blogs I once enjoyed too. I need to find the time, and another way to see blogs without having to make a conscious effort to do so. If you have a platform you can recommend please let me know.

2 July was the last time I posted. A fair bit has happened since then. We had another trip to France for two more birthdays. Had a few days away in Norfolk with friends. Knitting, finished ten stitch but not the cardigan. In the midst of another heatwave. Allotment. Had a beach day with the youngest grandkids, followed by three days here at home. Still walking. Found a new place to eat locally. 

Here are some snippets of the last 6 weeks

I will try and update a bit more when I can but have a lot on over the next seven weeks so I can’t promise. 

Watch this space for what we get up to!