14 April 2009

Running out

This weekend has seen me frustrated on a number of counts.

I started a new project on Thursday and had the correct amount of wool needed, or so I thought, but I ran short with a sleeve and edges to go. I went to town on Saturday and was unable to purchase anymore, we have a distinct lack of wool shops in the Cambridge area. So I had to resort to on-line shopping for said wool, and it is hopefully winging its way as I type. So decided to start another cardi and the same thing happened apart from this time I did have another ball of wool but when I started knitting with it realise there was a slight difference in colour, who knew baby white would look different to normal double knit white. Anyway more purchased, again on-line so both projects should be finished by end of the week. Whilst on-line I did actually buy more wool than I needed, so the stash is being added to, its so easy shopping on-line, just click and they deliver. Not as much fun as poking round a wool shop, so come on someone, open a decent wool shop in the town centre.

With 2 abandoned knits, I decided I needed to tackle the bunting for the wedding. Little did I realise when I volunteered to make this... did I volunteer I can't remember, that 200m was so much. With my younger daughter to help we pinned and stitched 45m in 15m lengths, a very time consuming job I can tell you, only 155m to go. But it does look pretty, even if I say so myself.

Frustration number two... was my garden and my neck. I longed to get out there and finally was allowed to do a bit on Monday afternoon, I'm paying for it now but there you go, just have to be little and often. I did however, get some seedling potted up - tomato plants anyone?

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