24 April 2009

So relaxed

Today I have spent a relaxing day at the spa. Well the later part was relaxing the first part was quite strenuous.

Our day started at 9:30 at the Cambridge Belfry Hotel in Cambourne. After a quick tour of the facilities it was changed and into the gym. The girls gave me a few instructions on how to use the machinery and away I went. First the treadmill which I enjoyed, then the exercise bike which was ok for the first 15 mins then my knees started to complain. The cross trainer ran away with me, but apparently it was me doing the said running! Enough I cried and headed off the get changed and into the pool. A few lengths, then it was into the jacuzzi, more my scene. This was followed by a spell in the sauna then off for a sit in the sunshine with a pot of herbal tea. Lunch followed, which was very good we had the healthy option. A short break in the lounge to let lunch digest (it was getting a bit breezy for sitting out in a robe and slippers), then back to the sauna and steam room.

3pm heralded the start of the treatments - first an express facial, followed by a salt and oil scrub, which left my skin feeling silky after a shower. Then this was followed by a full body massage, I couldn't have the full neck treatment as I still have problems in the neck department but the whole episode was lovely. So thank you Rebecca and Tim for my lovely present. And thank you girls for coming with me. We must do it again sometime.

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