19 April 2009

Successful Day

Yesterday was a good day, I had my family home, the girls and I went shopping in the afternoon, and I got the accessories for my MOB outfit. Hopefully I will be a vision in navy and silver/grey! Also purchased a very stylish jacket, not something I would normally have picked out, but having 2 pairs of younger eyes with you when shopping is always good. I wore it last night and felt very good.

We spent a very pleasant evening at Browns for cocktails, just enough to be relaxed but no hangover this morning. Followed by a very good curry, can recommend the Curry Garden on Regent Street, very good food and very friendly waiters. Back on the diet today - though did have a bacon sandwich for breakfast!!!

So this morning, I will be wrapping Peter's birthday presents while he and the youngest daughter cycle into town to pick up the car. They are in training for the Oxford to Cambridge cycle ride -89 miles, bonkers if you ask me. The future Mrs Jones and Tim have just left to finish the patio, but me thinks they will end up kipping on the sofa with the cats!

At lunchtime we will sit on our front wall and watch the annual Yester Year Run, as the weather is good there should be a large turnout, I will look forward to seeing some familar faces.

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