30 May 2009

My garden after a busy day

Vegetables are coming along, netted the cabbages as the pigeons had been feasting.

The eldest would have loved a real horse in here

Roses grow on you

So attractive

Today my hayfever is playing up, I have red puffy, itchy eyes, so look lovely.

Lots to do in the garden, the front needs weeding and the drive needs weedkiller, last of the daff leaves to clear up. I can't plant up the bed in the drive as we are still waiting to see if we are allowed to cut down the dying chestnut tree, can't see why not but we have to wait the statutory 6 weeks to see if anyone objects - penalty of living in a conservation area! They would soon object if the thing drops on them. So looks like we will have that job to do when we get back from our holiday.

The roses are looking lovely, I take a few snaps and post them later. My neck is feeling marginally better today, so hopefully I won't do too much damage by gardening, but I just can't sit and do nothing when there is so much to do.

29 May 2009

The day started early

Up with the lark this morning. My neck was hurting all night, even the tablets and ice pack didn't help! Out for my walk with the youngest at 6:30. We really paced it out and I feel much more awake and ready to face the day. The cuckoo was in good voice too this morning, feel tempted to tell Terry Wogan as he was saying they had all gone away.

Plans for today - washing, bit of housework, then off to the hairdressers for a cut and colour and to catch up on all the gossip

28 May 2009

Love these short weeks

Thursday again already, and my working week is over, bliss. Off shortly to get new tyres on the car in preparation of the holiday.

Sophie's cardi is going well and I hope to have it finished this weekend.

No other plans at the moment so as the weather is forecast to be nice I expect I'll be working in the garden, always a job to do!

26 May 2009

All weekends should be this long

There just aren't enough days in a weekend to do all the fun stuff you want. This weekend has been particularly good.

The weekend started on Friday with my trip to Stamford, very good market and yes I resisted the yarn stalls, but came home with lots of goodies to eat. Had a lovely lunch at the eldest's which wasn't so nice second time round when I was car sick, I blame her driving!

Saturday, started off with a good walk, popped to visit the in-laws, then spent the afternoon in the garden working.

Sunday dawned warm and sunny so we dusted off the Harley and leathers and headed down to Southwold, had a lovely day walking and people watching, don't you love being bitchy. I'm sure people do it to me too! Had too much sun, so have a lovely red nose and V mark on my chest.

Bank Holiday Monday was the highlight of the weekend, we headed off to London with friends Colin & Myra to meet up with friends Judy and Stephen, picnic in Kensington Gardens, walk round the Serpentine, then to the Royal Albert Hall for this years Eric Clapton concert. As usual he was on good form and a good time was had by all, long may he continue to tour. So as you'd expect I'm tired today, especially as it was 12:40 before we got home this morning and we were up for work at 6:20!

Needless to say no knitting got done this weekend, but the weather was perfect.

22 May 2009

Yawn....... awake again

It's 5.31am and here I am again wide awake. This sleeping, or non sleeping lark is driving me mad. It seems that I go through a phase where I wake at stupid times in the morning and no amount of trying puts me back to sleep, so I just get up.

Mind you the crows nesting in chimney don't help, I think they were banging their beaks on the chimney pot this morning! Every year we say we will close the pot off and every year we leave it too late.

The yarn arrived yesterday for Sophie's cardigan. It is so lovely and soft - Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk, so abandoned the project I was working on and started the back straight away.

Busy weekend planned, but more on that later. Today I'm off to Stamford, the eldest assures me they have a large yarn stall on the market so we are off to check it out. Though I had promised the husband that I'd try and use some of my stash before purchasing any more!!!! I'll let you know how I get on.

20 May 2009

Catching up

This week I have caught up with a couple of old friends who have been quiet on the communication front for a while. It was lovely to hear from you both.

Bunting galore

Last evening the youngest and I completed our final batch of the 200m of bunting for the forth coming wedding; it looks very jolly if I say so myself. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you view things, we had enough flags left over to complete a further 50m, so why not have a bit more I say!! I'm sure we can find a use for it. What we will do with 250m of floral bunting after the wedding I can't imagine. Maybe we can go into bunting hire, they certainly charge enough to hire it!

18 May 2009

early text

This morning my phone went off early and I found an excited text message. The eldest and her fiance had their engagement shoot yesterday and the photos are available to view now.

This is one of my favourites

Mr Taylor is a very talented photographer and I can't wait to see what he does for their wedding with its beautiful venue - Lyveden New Bield

false start

As the weather was a touch inclement this weekend, I decided to start Sophie's christening cardigan. I had been unable to purchase the the Sublime yarn in town, so got a 4ply by Patons in a 100% cotton, which knitted up to the same tension, or so it said on the band. Well not being one for tension squares, I ploughed straight in. Cross wise tension was perfect, so carried on, then I noticed that it was all getting a bit on the long side, altered the pattern, and finished the back. But as this is such an important cardigan I can't compromise, so as I have plenty of time, I will rip it out, start again with the correct yarn, which no doubt I will have to purchase online, as Cambridge is so rubbish. The Patons yarn will get used for something else, so it's a bit more for my stash!

13 May 2009

A request

A certain young lady has her christening in July, and I have been asked to produce a cardigan for the said event. The above has been chosen - its Frou Frou by Sublime in 4ply. I just hope that I can do it justice. Sharon I'll try!

Little Boy Blue

Here is the latest addition to my collection - Seaside Vest suitable for 0-3 months

12 May 2009

I've been again

yes, the charity shop again. Today's purchases are 400g of 4ply in a very pale lilac, some buttons and a couple of striped pillow cases to cut up for bunting. Total cost £3. The bunting is going well, though we have run a of a few colours hence the extra fabric. Pillow cases yield approximately 34 flags so at 25p a case its cheap material. We managed another 45m the other evening, so still a way to go but they do look pretty.

10 May 2009

Something blue

Today has been a satisfying day. Lots achieved in the garden. Not too much pain in my neck and the weather has been lovely.

I have also finished the wedding garter for my eldest. I hope she likes it. I have left the ribbons on the long side so she can adjust it to fit, then cut of the excess. It's knitted in Sublime Kid Mohair and is very soft.

8 May 2009


I have just spent the last hour weighing and listing my stash, its quite a shock when you see it all out in one place. In fact I actually haven't done it all as I have a stash of coned wool hiding in the top of a wardrobe which I bought to knit a rug using extreme needles. I will do it one day, but they really are ackward until you get the hang of them, plus I've not found the right chair to sit on to knit comfortably.

Do I need to curb my wool buying for a while...... difficult question? Now I know what and how much of each I have, I will try and team it all up with patterns and make inroads into it.

Matching bag

Sleepless night so made the matching bag, just scaled down the pattern to suit a little person

7 May 2009

Done it again

Called into the charity shop on my way in as I was later today, and they were just putting out some bags of 4ply wool. I am now the owner of approx 1500g of 4ply in shades of green, pink, and light brown, for the princely sum of £5.50. Also been told they have more to be put out in the next week! I like to do my bit for charity

WIP finished

Got this finished in time for the eldests visit this evening, she's staying over tonight and off to Lord's for the cricket with her Dad tomorrow; lets hope the rain holds off, and England improve their play! Decided against the bag as I felt it was a bit large for a one year old, thought she might strangle herself, the pattern goes up to age 7-8 years. If I have time I may make some little shoes, but I'll see what the opinion is once she's viewed it later.

What shall I knit next? Possibly the wedding garter from the Simply Knitting supplement from a few issues ago

6 May 2009

So naughty

The boss just sent me to the post office with a parcel and they had a new display of King Cole Splash DK yarn, I just couldn't resist, do you think I have a problem?

5 May 2009

It's up

Just look at my beautiful dovecote. Made by Peter from recycled material and a top cone for an African style beach hut supplied by The Lapa Company. The total cost with cement was £85, a bargain I'm sure you'll agree. Can't wait to see if the birds will use it! Well it will keep the cat amused.

Work in progress

I am currently knitting this up for the eldest daughter as mentioned before, which hopefully I can get finished this evening, just the button band etc to do. If I have enough wool left I plan to knit a matching hairband and bag, then the dreaded sewing up. I really do hate this task, in fact don't know of many who do!

My new name tapes arrived today from Cash's, smartly sporting my blog address.

Outside now to help erect the dovecote. Pictures to follow

4 May 2009

A paint brush too far

It's been a busy weekend.

Firstly, Friday the youngest and I went to visit my parents in Norwich. A good day was had, the weather was lovely, we even came home a shade pinker.

Saturday, saw me rushing around making the house presentable for our visitors, Judy and Stephen. They were down the the annual beer festival at the local pub. The men went to sample the ales and Judy and I sat in the sun catching up and discussing all things wedding. Her eldest gets married this year too.

As you can see so far I have been kept from the garden. Like a fool I went for it big time yesterday, putting plants in, painting decking, dovecote (more on that in another entry) and garden furniture, by 6pm my neck was starting to give me grief. Managed to get the dinner on, bath and spend the evening knitting. It seems strange that knitting doesn't really affect my neck, which I have to say I'm pleased about. Passed a reasonable night with the aid of ibruprofen and a valium muscle relaxant.

Was stiff this morning but that's not unusual. As the weather was grey, we popped to Homebase for some odds and ends then home to give the garden chairs another coat, that's when my neck locked up, so I'm sat here frustrated, ice pack, more ibruprofen, and tiger balm, if I keep my neck level I'm fine, its just when I bend over or turn it to the side that I get pain. Anyway I have an appointment at the doctors on Thursday, so I hope to try and find out what the underlying problem really is. I know I should have gone sooner, it certainly would have been cheaper.

Peter is still out playing in the garden, he should be putting in the bean poles and potting up some more tomato plants for me, I hate feeling so useless