18 May 2009

false start

As the weather was a touch inclement this weekend, I decided to start Sophie's christening cardigan. I had been unable to purchase the the Sublime yarn in town, so got a 4ply by Patons in a 100% cotton, which knitted up to the same tension, or so it said on the band. Well not being one for tension squares, I ploughed straight in. Cross wise tension was perfect, so carried on, then I noticed that it was all getting a bit on the long side, altered the pattern, and finished the back. But as this is such an important cardigan I can't compromise, so as I have plenty of time, I will rip it out, start again with the correct yarn, which no doubt I will have to purchase online, as Cambridge is so rubbish. The Patons yarn will get used for something else, so it's a bit more for my stash!

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