4 May 2009

A paint brush too far

It's been a busy weekend.

Firstly, Friday the youngest and I went to visit my parents in Norwich. A good day was had, the weather was lovely, we even came home a shade pinker.

Saturday, saw me rushing around making the house presentable for our visitors, Judy and Stephen. They were down the the annual beer festival at the local pub. The men went to sample the ales and Judy and I sat in the sun catching up and discussing all things wedding. Her eldest gets married this year too.

As you can see so far I have been kept from the garden. Like a fool I went for it big time yesterday, putting plants in, painting decking, dovecote (more on that in another entry) and garden furniture, by 6pm my neck was starting to give me grief. Managed to get the dinner on, bath and spend the evening knitting. It seems strange that knitting doesn't really affect my neck, which I have to say I'm pleased about. Passed a reasonable night with the aid of ibruprofen and a valium muscle relaxant.

Was stiff this morning but that's not unusual. As the weather was grey, we popped to Homebase for some odds and ends then home to give the garden chairs another coat, that's when my neck locked up, so I'm sat here frustrated, ice pack, more ibruprofen, and tiger balm, if I keep my neck level I'm fine, its just when I bend over or turn it to the side that I get pain. Anyway I have an appointment at the doctors on Thursday, so I hope to try and find out what the underlying problem really is. I know I should have gone sooner, it certainly would have been cheaper.

Peter is still out playing in the garden, he should be putting in the bean poles and potting up some more tomato plants for me, I hate feeling so useless

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