30 May 2009

So attractive

Today my hayfever is playing up, I have red puffy, itchy eyes, so look lovely.

Lots to do in the garden, the front needs weeding and the drive needs weedkiller, last of the daff leaves to clear up. I can't plant up the bed in the drive as we are still waiting to see if we are allowed to cut down the dying chestnut tree, can't see why not but we have to wait the statutory 6 weeks to see if anyone objects - penalty of living in a conservation area! They would soon object if the thing drops on them. So looks like we will have that job to do when we get back from our holiday.

The roses are looking lovely, I take a few snaps and post them later. My neck is feeling marginally better today, so hopefully I won't do too much damage by gardening, but I just can't sit and do nothing when there is so much to do.

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