6 May 2009

So naughty

The boss just sent me to the post office with a parcel and they had a new display of King Cole Splash DK yarn, I just couldn't resist, do you think I have a problem?


  1. No more than the rest of us! Who can resist buying yarn they like?

    Where is this post office? I love King Cole yarn but don't know of a supplier near to where I live. I used to buy it direct when I dabbled in retail but I doubt if they would supply me now.

  2. It's in the High Street in Histon, they just had a new display rack fitted so are nicely stocked up. £2.40 for 100g splash and £1.85 (I think) for the plain wools. I also buy it on Ebay, which is really good for odds and ends when you run short.

    Looked for that Twilleys wool you mentioned, someone in New Zealand has some on a auction site in lime green. Would Sirdar Snuggly bubbly not give you the same effect?

  3. Thank you for the info, and also for the suggestion of Snuggly Bubbly. Twilleys is cotton with longer slubs and thin cotton between. I think I just want to recapture my youth!


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