22 May 2009

Yawn....... awake again

It's 5.31am and here I am again wide awake. This sleeping, or non sleeping lark is driving me mad. It seems that I go through a phase where I wake at stupid times in the morning and no amount of trying puts me back to sleep, so I just get up.

Mind you the crows nesting in chimney don't help, I think they were banging their beaks on the chimney pot this morning! Every year we say we will close the pot off and every year we leave it too late.

The yarn arrived yesterday for Sophie's cardigan. It is so lovely and soft - Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk, so abandoned the project I was working on and started the back straight away.

Busy weekend planned, but more on that later. Today I'm off to Stamford, the eldest assures me they have a large yarn stall on the market so we are off to check it out. Though I had promised the husband that I'd try and use some of my stash before purchasing any more!!!! I'll let you know how I get on.

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