30 June 2009

I'm back.....

yes back from my hols. Had a lovely 2 and a bit weeks in Montcabrier, France, lots of sunshine, walking, eating and drinking. Read 6 books, no knitting, forgot my Simply Knitting and Knitter magazines, so have them to read and also the new ones that were on my door step. Managed to come home without any yarn, though to be honest only saw 2 lots and they didn't inspire me.

I am pleased to report that the walking we did whilst away counteracted the eating and drinking so managed to come home the same weight as I went. So ladies if you want to stuff your face with bread, pastries and cheese and drink lots of lovely wine, then you have to do LOTS of aerobic walking! We walked 102 miles over 9 days, mostly woodland pathways, up and down hills, I'm sure more ups than downs, but the views were lovely and it was all worth it. I will post some pictures another day.

Must say I did have a few knitting withdrawal pangs towards the end of my holiday, but plenty of time to mentally plan some projects. I still have the first chicken coat to finish then on with a few more. Trouble is I find it hard to knit when its so hot. Plus my garden has gone mad whilst we were away. The youngest who was kindly house sitting cut the grass and kept the baskets and greenhouse watered but all the borders have gone berserk! So the garden must come first.


  1. Hello there, I found you on Ravelry because I have just finished a Sugar Plum cardi...then I noticed you lived in Cambs, so do I! lol Glad you had a lovely holiday, although no knitting and all that walking would have finished me off! haha

  2. Hi

    Must admit not been on Ravelry since I got back, not had time but like you I am addicted to this blogging and all the knitting sites, my husband thinks I'm mad!

    We love walking, last year we spent a week walking Hadrians Wall which was great, the first time we'd done any long distance walking, so a bit hooked now!


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