1 August 2009

At least I get Sunday at home

Mum's kind neighbour has offered to do the hospital run tomorrow so I was able to come home tonight. Feel really drained but have the fidgets. Just downed a glass of wine, ate a whole load of nibbles and a piece of the cake I made yesterday. Now feeling very uncomfortable.

Dad seemed very perky, but that could be due to the amount of steriods and bags of new blood they are pumping in to him. The funny thing is his hair has changed colour it was grey but now turning light brown! A friend said to me recently "getting old is not for wimps" and I'm afraid that she is right, it really was sad seeing all the elderly men in the Big C unit at the Norwich and Nofolk, all looking very scared but trying to put on a brave face for their loved ones! Life's a bitch and then.............

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