9 August 2009

He won't be told

This afternoon the husband and I were discussing the dangers of cycling along the new guided bus route, for those of you that don't know it, it is concrete track ways with built up sides, so therefore cycling requires full concentration or you clip your pedals and over you go! So, after cutting down branches from the oak tree in the garden, whilst balancing on the top of a ladder or the said branch - he thinks he is a child again instead of 57, he went off for a cycle ride. I thought he'd been a long time, when he finally arrived back he had a bloodied arm and scrapped leg, yes he'd fallen off. He made some excuse about cows, mud, gears, but the upshot was he fell off. He has now promised to wear his cycle helmet!!

Whilst he was out I made jam - damson this time. We picked up 4lb of damsons yesterday on the way back from our cycle ride into town and back - (I really don't enjoy cycling, my saddle is hard and I have sore bits). I made a lovely damson crumble and 3 jars of jam, the colour is beautiful

These are some of the vegetables we picked from the garden today, looking forward to the summer squash, we've not grown them before.

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