27 September 2009

So proud

This weekend we have been in Oxford for the annual Oxford to Cambridge 89 Mile Cycle Ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation. We arrived in Oxford yesterday afternoon, checked into our Travelodge then hit Oxford town centre for a spot of shopping and couple of pints and a carbs loaded dinner

an early night and a equally early start. Looking a tad apprehensive they hit the road at 07:11

arriving back in Cambridge at 14:06, you'll agree looking very happy. We popped into the pub for a celebratory pint or 3 before heading for home

Peter is now curled up on the sofa having had his dinner and a nice long soak. Think the Adrenalin has worn off!!

24 September 2009

Ok so it doesn't always go right

Having finished the first of the fingerless gloves mentioned in my previous post, I have decided that it is just too loose, even for me. The recipient of these gloves has a very slight frame so I fear they would swamp her hands. I have therefore started again on an improvised version and I am much happier with them. Of course a picture will follow.

I was pleased to receive comfirmation that my knitting workshop is going ahead next Saturday, the aim to to turn out a more professional finish, so we'll see how that goes!

22 September 2009

Always something new to knit

To say I'm addicted to knitting would be harsh; I do however spend alot of time on Ravelry chatting about all things knitting and other things, we really can put the world to rights. We also share projects and its always good when someone completely unknown sends you a lovely message about something you have produced. I have several items that are featured on there now and it gives me a real buzz, yes I know I'm sad. There is also nothing nicer than going through my "stash" which is growing by the day and dreaming about what I'll knit it into. Currently on my pins are a pair of fingerless gloves for Gemma - I hope she likes them


I also sewed up a matching hat for the Striped Lily cardigan I finished at the weekend -
Knitting also takes me away from home from time to time. I plan to attend an 'Improve Your Hand Knitting Skills Day School' on 3 October and the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace on 9 October - a source of lots of lovely yarn, buttons and all things knitting, yes I am very excited and so is Rachel who is coming with me, we are driving this year so we don't have to lug it all back on the train!

19 September 2009

Finished at last

Yes finally finished Striped Lily. Didn't turn out too bad, though the seams are a little bit bulky due to the fact I ran the colour change up the side rather than keep cutting them off, won't be doing that again. However it is very soft being 100% organic cotton, it also knitted up slightly bigger than intended to now suitable for 6-12 months! I have enough yarn over a knit a matching hat, so will cast that on this evening.

Above is one of my floral efforts, made with oddments from the garden, whilst it won't win any prizes I think it looks ok.

I have been abandoned again today in favour of more bike training. They are doing 60 miles of fen roads, heading out to Ely and surrounding area, I shall be glad when next week is over in more ways than one. So I will head off to Tesco shortly to do some shopping. I did spy some really lovely boots at a very reasonable price so I just might treat myself!

15 September 2009


Neck still hurting after first Bowen session
Sleeping better - managed two nights without waking before the alarm
Custard tin cut healed
Glasses have gone back for a single vision pair obviously bi or vari-focals just aren't for me
Juicer still broken, no response from the manufacturer, don't you just hate that.
7 jars of Delia's Spiced Pickled Runner Beans made last night. Now what to do with the rest of the beans?

13 September 2009

Introducing Mr & Mrs D'Alanno

The new Mr & Mrs D'Alanno with mother and father of the bride Mr & Mrs Harvey. A good time was had by all, thanks. Oh and by the way, lovely outfit Judy, and Stephen you looked good too!

12 September 2009

More photos added

As I am up early again, I don't seem be able to sleep at the moment. I have updated some of my blog entries for August with photos of the wedding. Again my thanks to Rebecca BS, Cath, Sheena and Simone for the pictures. Enjoy

11 September 2009

Something for the weekend

As the weekend is upon us again, we are looking forward to another wedding. This weekend is the turn of Katie and Ashley who get married tomorrow at Olney church at 2pm, it will be good to be on the receiving end this time, rather than running around like a headless chicken as I was 3 weeks ago. Also looking forward to catching up with people I've not seen in a while, and some of those that were at our wedding that I didn't get chance to talk to! We are still eagerly awaiting the release of the wedding photographs having been tempted with just a sample.

I still can't get on with my new glasses, they give me headaches and make my eyes sting, so its looking like I'll be going back with them next week, they feel far to strong - I didn't think I needed new ones anyway.

I'm sporting a fetching plaster on my finger from a custard tin cut - who knew making making trifle could be so hazardous.

9 September 2009


Can someone tell me what to do with all our apples now the press is broken? Hoping to get a spare part, or no juice this year. A new apple press is £125, makes for expense juice - the other press is only 5 years old

Well I'm awake

I've been laying awake for what seems like hours, neck hurting, bladder uncomfortable, trying to go back to sleep. I'd been up in the night also, that's what you get for having a cup of tea after 8pm. Am I getting old? My neck is really causing problems again, so I'm off on Friday to try something called the Bowen Technique, I pray that it works as I'm frankly sick and tired of the constant pain and discomfort and broken sleep. I'll keep you posted

6 September 2009

Funny sort of weekend

Another weekend has come and nearly gone. Not sure that I achieved alot.

Went to town on my own, as Peter and Rachel were out training on their bikes. Picked up my new glasses which are making me feel sick, they feel so much stronger than my old ones plus I have to get used to bi-focals too. Called my mother to discover my father was in hospital again, problems with his 2nd round of chemo. Cut back some ivy, grape vine and creeper. Went out for dinner with friends to the Backstreet Bistro, very good.

Today we drove to Norwich to visit my father in hospital, took my laptop so I could show them some of the wedding pictures. Dad seems bright as usual and is hoping to come home tomorrow.

The newly weds are on their return journey home currently in Nairobi airport awaiting their 11pm flight. It will be good to have them back and hear all their news.

3 September 2009

What's with this weather

I know us Brits are obsessed with the weather but this wind is something else, I'll be surprised if I have an apple left on my trees before the week is out. My husband and youngest have gone off cycling in it, they are clearly mad, in fact I have become something of a 'cycling widow' at the present time as they train for the Oxford to Cambridge Cycle ride at the end of September - 89 miles. They have their training schedule all mapped out and are really putting in some miles. I however refuse to join them, whilst I don't mind cycling I'm not into pain!

Johnnie Walker was chatting about knitting again on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show this morning, I wonder if he is a closet knitter or just trying to promote this craft. All to the good I say especially if it means we can get some more yarn outlets, time was when every High Street had a wool shop, sadly this is no longer the case.

My latest project is coming along nicely, onto the sleeves now, then its just the neckband, frill and put it all together. I have the next 2 projects put together with pattern and yarn, though my husband has asked when I plan to start the slipover I promised him! Oh for more hours in the day, maybe I should just pack up work and knit all day, now there's a thought.........

BTW - enjoyed the Time Travellers Wife, didn't cry as much as I did when reading the book

1 September 2009

Times are a changing

Today - we start a new month and a new season - autumn is upon us, in fact you could smell it in the air this morning. It had that new school year feel, you know the one, new shoes, new pencils and possibly new friends.

Today - we said bon voyage to Helene - she's off to pastures new, we have worked together for the last 5 years and we will miss her. Luckily she has been given the opportunity to go off travelling for a while and has decided to take the chance while she can. Good luck and enjoy yourself, we hope to hear all her news when she gets back.

Today - I booked tickets for me and the youngest to go to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexander Palace in October. Best start to make a space for more yarn and goodies.

Today - the husband and I are going to the cinema to see The Time Travellers Wife - I will take tissues, I wept buckets when I read the book, so apologies to anyone sitting near me!

Today - I realised that my eldest is now someone else responsibility. I know she hasn't lived at home full time for the last 11 years but whilst she was still a Miss we sort of felt responsible for her. Now she has a husband I guess that task falls to him, take care of her she is precious.

And finally...... I am currently knitting the following in coffee and cream, another Sublime pattern called Striped Lily, the usual finished picture will follow.