19 September 2009

Finished at last

Yes finally finished Striped Lily. Didn't turn out too bad, though the seams are a little bit bulky due to the fact I ran the colour change up the side rather than keep cutting them off, won't be doing that again. However it is very soft being 100% organic cotton, it also knitted up slightly bigger than intended to now suitable for 6-12 months! I have enough yarn over a knit a matching hat, so will cast that on this evening.

Above is one of my floral efforts, made with oddments from the garden, whilst it won't win any prizes I think it looks ok.

I have been abandoned again today in favour of more bike training. They are doing 60 miles of fen roads, heading out to Ely and surrounding area, I shall be glad when next week is over in more ways than one. So I will head off to Tesco shortly to do some shopping. I did spy some really lovely boots at a very reasonable price so I just might treat myself!

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