1 October 2009

Busy week

This week we have achieved a number of things. The apples are finally juiced and we have 40 pints of fresh apple juice in the freezer. We also made steamed apple juice which I think will be an acquired taste but can be made into jelly and spiced apple juice at a later date.

The 2 pairs of fingerless gloves are finished

My next project is a request for a further 3 Little Hen Rescue chicken coats, followed by a baby outfit yet to be chosen. So as you can see I am keeping busy. My garden is in need of a tidy up, the hanging baskets are going over and the leaves are starting accumulate. I have runner beans to pick and turn into pickle and an assortment of other jobs to do this weekend. No peace for the wicked. I really need to retire but that request keeps falling on deaf ears!

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