23 October 2009

I had such a good day....

yesterday was the Yours Magazine Christmas photoshoot, the one where us previous fatties got to be pampered and made glamorous. I think we all had a marvellous time.

The location house was stunning, oh for rooms of that size, it was a 1930 home which the owners rent out for photoshoots, not sure I could have a whole hoard of strangers poking around my property (and we did) but for the daily fee they get I guess I could put up with it.

The day started early, on the train at 7:30 where I met Rebecca and Michelle, followed by a 20 minute taxi ride )-: Managed to get there without feeling sick, shame poor Michelle can't say the same, but then she was sitting backwards. The team were there to greet us, Ruth and Carly the photographers, Sarah-Jane and Olivia the hair and makeup artists, and Danielle the stylist. My fellow ladies were Pam, Maria and Sue, we'd not met before but all got on really well swapping dieting stories and generally boosting each other up.

First stop was to have our before pictures taken, then on to Danielle to choose the outfit, I was put in a beautiful Ted Baker dress with three-quarter sleeved bolero cardi, and killer heels!! Next stop for me was Sarah-Jane, we had met before as she did the hair and makeup for Rebecca's wedding. I want her to come and live with me and do my h&m every day, that would be such a treat. I was first to have my 'after' pictures done, and whilst nervous, Ruth is such a good photographer, putting you at ease. I was then joined by Pam for some joint pictures, we then changed out of our posh outfits for lunch. This was a wonderful spread, salads, huge assortment of sandwiches, fruit and cakes yum. Most of the afternoon for me was sitting around while Pam had her solo shots done then Maria and Sue had their turn. Then back in my outfit for the final group shots which were taken partly outside, by which time it was getting a wee bit chilly.

It's a long day, especially for a christmas shoot as they had to assemble a christmas tree, wrap presents, and generally make the huge entrance hall into christmas day, then take it all down before we went home. I finally fell onto the train at 6:10 getting home at 7:35.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved yesterday, especially for all the compliments, and to wish my fellow dieters good luck with those last few pounds and keep it up, I know I plan to, in fact I'm going to put my fat clothes in the charity bin!! I believe our shoot will be in the 1 December issue of Yours, I will be certainly getting a copy.

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